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The Eye Infinity (2005)
Directors: Danny and Oxide Pang

review by Tom Johnstone

In the latest sequel to their acclaimed The Eye, the Pang brothers seem unsure whether or not to play it for laughs. The opening sequence shows a group of monks chanting around a woman, who begins convulsing and spinning around in mid-air. An unfeasibly long tongue snakes out of her mouth and proceeds to lick the head of each one in turn.

The story, such as it is, revolves around a group of young backpackers visiting Thailand. One evening they try to scare each other with ghost stories, and then their Thai host shows them a book he has bought, called 'The Ten Encounters', which details ten different methods of obtaining a glimpse into the spirit world. These include getting a corneal transplant from a clairvoyant, but this is the only reference to the first Eye movie. There any resemblance to the original of this cycle ends, and (following The Eye 2) The Eye Infinity begins to resemble an oriental version of Scary Movie or even Scooby Doo, as its gang of moronic teenage ghost hunters get themselves into series of supernatural scrapes, whose repercussions pursue them back to their home city of Hong Kong.

On the one hand, the film doesn't seem to invite much audience involvement: it's structured as a series of set pieces showcasing the Pang brothers' admittedly alarming and impressive CGI ghosts and other spooky visual tricks. On the other, we're supposed to care about whether they get stuck in the spirit world for all eternity, despite the lavatorial humour around ghosts being vulnerable to farting. In the end, though visually stylish, The Eye Infinity is not funny, scary or involving.

Eye infinity Review and Opinion

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