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Miss Tamara, The Reader by Zoran Zivkovic Review and Opinion


The Library by Zoran Zivkovic Review and Opinion


Zero History by William Gibson Review and Opinion


Zencore edited by d.f.lewis Review and Opinion

Zencore!: Scriptus Innominatuseditor: D.F. LewisMeganthus paperback £8review by Mario GuslandiZencore! is nothing but the latest instalment in the Nemonymous magazine anthology series, created, edited and published by D.F. Lewis, the basic idea of which is to present the reader with a bunch of short stories whose authors remain temporarily unidentified. It's a very effective way


Year's best fantasy and horror 18 Review and Opinion

The Year's Best Fantasy And Horror 18th Annual Collectioneditors: Ellen Datlow, Kelly Link, and Gavin J GrantSt Martin's Griffin paperback $19.95review by Mario GuslandiHere it comes the 18th annual anthology by Datlow and friends, collecting what is supposedly the best horror and fantasy fiction appeared in 2004. As usual, it is a hefty volume (of 480 pages) including 44 contributions gathered from books and magazines published in the English language.


Year's best fantasy and horror 2006 Review and Opinion

The Year's Best Fantasy And Horror 2006editors: Ellen Datlow, Kelly Link, and Gavin J. GrantSt Martin's paperback $19.95review by Sean ParkerThis is the 19th annual collection of The Year's Best Fantasy And Horror, and the good news is that there is still one hell of a lot of good stuff to be found out there in the genre press. As usual the editors, Ellen Datlow, Kelly Link


Wraeththu Review and Opinion

Wraeththu: The Picture BookMarja Kettner and Zuaberfeder VerlagBraunschweig / Zauberfeder Verlag softcover í19.90 / $32review by Amy HarlibWhen British speculative fiction writer Storm Constantines Wraeththu trilogy was published in the late 1980s and early 1990s - The Enchantments Of Flesh and Spirit, The Bewitchments Of Love And Hate, and The Fulfillments Of Fate And Desire (omnibus edition, 1993


Wolfsangel by M.D. Lachlan Review and Opinion


Who needs cleopatra? Review and Opinion

Who Needs Cleopatra?Steve RedwoodReverb paperback £7.99review by David HebblethwaiteIn the not-too-distant future, the inventor of time travel (known only as 'N') is visited by three beautiful, but dangerous-looking, women from the Time Police. They claim to be historians, wishing to record for posterity the story of N's journeys through time with his (now deceased) travelling companion, Bertie. N isn't fooled by this ("If these women worked in the records department


Witch of ravensworth Review and Opinion

The Witch Of RavensworthGeorge BrewerValancourt paperback $14.95review by Mario GuslandiIf you're a fan of Gothic


Wind in the stone by andre norton Review and Opinion

Wind In The StoneAndre NortonEos / HarperCollins paperback $6.50review by Amy HarlibThe grand dame of fantastic fiction, prolific for over 60 years, losing none of her 'chops' right up until her just recent, much-lamented passing, produced not long ago, another excellent fantasy novel I particularly liked - an imaginative


The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi Review and Opinion


Whitstable by Stephen Volk Review and Opinion


Wheel of the infinite by martha wells Review and Opinion

Wheel Of The InfiniteMartha WellsEOS / HarperCollins paperback $6.99review by Amy HarlibMartha Wells is that rarity, amidst the glut of endlessly repetitive fantasy series and recycled clichés - she is a writer whose every book features refreshingly different settings, characters, and ideas, etc. In her fourth novel of fantastic fiction, preceding her current trilogy-in-progress, Wells succeeds yet again in producing a wholly original, brilliant


Who Fears Death by Nnedi Okorafor Review and Opinion


Well of stars by robert reed Review and Opinion

The Well Of StarsRobert ReedTor hardcover $25.95review by Tony LeeThis sequel to Marrow continues the grandly epic story of the Great Ship, a gigantic alien vessel that's larger than many planets. The ship was colonised by humans, millennia ago, and now serves as a kind of galactic hotel run by near-immortal captains for the benefit of wide-ranging alien species, enjoying


Weirdmonger by df lewis Review and Opinion

WeirdmongerD.F. LewisPrime paperback $19.95review by Gary CouzensScreenwriter and director Paul Schrader tells a story of the time when made a promo video for Bob Dylan. Schrader spoke to Dylan about their different writing approaches. Schrader was a linear thinker, he said (his thought processes went 1, 2, 3


What we believe but cannot prove Review and Opinion

What We Believe But Cannot Prove: Today's Leading Thinkers On Science In The Age Of Certaintyeditor: John BrockmanPocket paperback £7.99review by Alasdair StuartThe result


White devils by paul mcauley Review and Opinion

White DevilsPaul McAuleyPocket paperback £6.99review by Barry ForshawAs becomes more apparent daily, this is a dangerous world. But what is it that will finally


White Cat by Holly Black Review and Opinion


Warrener's beastie by william r. trotter Review and Opinion

Warrener's Beastie: A Novel Of The DeepWilliam R. TrotterCarroll & Graf paperback $17.95review by Duncan LawieWarrener's Beastie is a behemoth. With


Visionary in residence Review and Opinion

Visionary In ResidenceBruce SterlingThunder's Mouth paperback $15.95review by Patrick HudsonBruce Sterling is described on the back of his


Vesuvius club Review and Opinion

The Vesuvius Club: Graphic EditionMark Gattiss and Ian BassSimon & Schuster paperback £12.99review by Alasdair StuartThe League Of Gentlemen and Doctor Who alumni Mark Gattiss made quite a splash with his first novel, The Vesuvius Club. Following the adventures of cheerfully hedonistic and extremely violent secret


Version 43 by Philip Palmer Review and Opinion


Vellum by hal duncan Review and Opinion

Vellum: The Book Of All HoursHal DuncanPan paperback £7.99review by David Hebblethwaite"A burning map. Every epic... should start with a burning map," says a character at the start of Hal Duncan's Vellum. Perhaps I'm reading too much into that comment, but it's tempting to see it as a call for the destruction of that most familiar epic-fantasy accessory. Certainly it serves as a warning that this unmapped and perhaps unmappable (in the conventional



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